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Amazon prime phone number 1-888-509-7040

By May 9, 2018Uncategorized

If you are in Amazon prime, you can call the Amazon Customer Service number for free at the following numbers: +1-888-509-7040 … on the Amazon.com home page, select the subject that relates with your problem and at the bottom you will see the contact option for “Phone”,

In its portal we can find several departments that make up its catalog of products, from electronics, music, movies, to objects for the home, the garden, personal care and sports. Apart from the list of items from other sellers, Amazon also has its own products, such as the famous Kindle ebook, which is sold exclusively on Amazon. In addition, he recently entered into the business of cloud computing, as a complement to e-commerce, creating Amazon Web Services.

Since Amazon is mainly a company on the Internet, the main way to contact its customer service, both the buyer and the seller, will be through the respective user accounts created online. In this way, if you are a buyer client accessing your Client area you will find several links that will take you to help topics about the management of your purchases and returns, the occasions in which you must first contact the seller and when you should do it directly. with Amazon.

In addition, on the home page you will find a link to the main help topics. If you still can not find the answer to your question, from your own client account you can contact Amazon customer service, choosing between chat, phone or email. The Customer Service telephone line is: 1-888-509-7040, for general questions, and 1-888-509-7040 for matters related to Kindle.

If you prefer you can request that they call you at the number you indicate. On the contrary, you are a seller and you have registered a merchant account, it will be through it where you can manage all the communication with the Amazon helpdesk. If you are not yet a seller but you are interested in receiving more information about how to sell on Amazon, on the website you will find a form to fill with your data and Amazon will contact you in less than 24 hours

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