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How to Give a Single Share of Stock As a Gift

Posted on April 1, 2024 by Chester Etheridge

Have you seen a framed single share of stock hanging in someone's house or office? Perhaps you though it had been pretty neat, or wondered whether it had been even real. Contrary to popular belief, single shares of stock are perfectly legitimate plus they hold full equity as owner in the business for which it had been issued. Some stock brokers and investment companies will provide you with the opportunity to buy a single share stock certificate through them, however in many cases the fees involved will far outweigh the expense of the stock.

That's why some specialty companies have cropped up recently to meet up the demand for gift stock certificates. These businesses offer the capability to buy a single share of stock from a variety of companies, and frequently they'll frame the certificate and also offer the capability to customize the certificate itself with a customized message from to to the recipient.

Most of the specialty companies are available on the web with an instant search, and you will have your stock certificate sent to your house or sent right to the recipient of the gift. Needless to say you don't need to give it as a gift--many people order the stocks for themselves. Some individuals collect the stocks of several different companies, among others purchase only the stock of a popular company, such as for example Disney or Harley Davidson.

When you order an individual share of stock online , typically you'll receive a stylish stock certificate with a number of elegant framing possibilities. You can pick from brands like Disney, Harley, Coca-Cola, and over 100 others!

It's a distinctive way to demonstrate care in a particular, creative way. It is a gift that holds lasting significance to the individual, and involves them later on of an organization by giving them with real equity. and again, the true stock certificate could be engraved with a customized message from you! Needless to say the options are endless, but here are a few great occasions for giving a share of stock:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Corporate gift
  • New baby present
  • Child's first investment
  • Graduation present
  • Christmas present
  • Valentine's Day
  • Paper anniversary
  • Giving an individual share of stock makes an excellent, long-lasting personalized gift for anybody. To learn more about giving stock, visit the web and explore the gift-giving opportunities obtainable in the united states and throughout a lot of the planet.