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How to Handle Inventory From a Vendor Expenses & Backorders QuickBooks Online Tutorial 2018

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We present our purchase order. Off to the vendor waited a couple of days and our inventory has arrived is time to enter that transaction to QuickBooks detailed with books about inventory going up and potentially us also either spending money or receiving a bill from the vendor to enter the receiving of inventory first open the create menu and then enter either an expense a check or a bill if you pay for the inventory right away as soon as it’s received. You enter the transaction either as an expense or a check, a check is used. If you pay for the inventory right away and you pay for it with a physical check whether it’s handwritten or printed out of QuickBooks and expenses used. If you pay for the inventory right away and you use anything other than a check. A bill is used. If you receive the inventory and the vendor gives you a bill telling you how much money you owe them and also a due date seer to be paying them later on, after you’ve actually received the amatory. The method for entering any of these transactions is exactly the same. The only difference is when and how your paying your vendor are vendor gives us a bill to pay later so will record a bill for the vendor enter the vendor that sending you the inventory and if you have an open purchase order. You’ll see that over your on the right. We entered a purchase order earlier for some lawnmowers, so that’s what this purchase order is for. Let’s add it on to the bill and now in the item details area. We can see the lawnmowers that we ordered. If any information on the bill is different from what it was on the purchase order, such as the amount of inventory being delivered or the amount your paying per unit you can change them right here. For instance, Hicks hardware didn’t have 100 lawnmowers on hand, so they only sent us 50 so will enter 50 right here on the bill and now the bill will only be for $10,000 instead of $20,000. We also need to record our terms. Bill date and due date here in the middle of the screen as well as the bill number that are vendor sends to us. There is also an area right here for memo and any attachments of your vendors. Provided you with a PDF of the bill. You can attach it to the bill as you enter it now and save and close this transaction, regardless of whether you received your inventory with an expense a check or a bill. QuickBooks now knows about you owning that inventory. And if you record the transaction as a bill. You can keep track of the amount of money that you owe your vendor by going to expenses, vendors, and here we can see Hicks hardware in our accounts payable balance with them. If you’re receiving inventory on a purchase order and it was only a partial fulfillment of that purchase order. You can also track the progress of the open purchase order by going to reports and then running the open purchase orders detail report from this report, we can still see that the purchase order is open and the original purchase order was for 100 lawnmowers. But we’ve only received 50 which means that we still have 50 on backorder so QuickBooks will keep track of the purchase order. How much is been fulfilled, and how much is not whenever you receive the amatory from that purchase order, use expenses, checks and bills to tell QuickBooks about you receiving inventory


How to Open AOL Mail Account or AIM Mail

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How to around mail account or email in case you weren’t aware AOL mail is alive and well in the messenger you left back in the early 2000’s is still kicking to. We talked about this briefly in our previous post with some information about what the new AOL Mail can do and how you might be able to recover an old came screaming and had accused in a decade, but today we are going to go over how to open a new AOL Mail account or AIM account step-by-step. Just one quick note before we get started, to save you some confusion if you like me were able to recover an old came screaming, you might be wondering if this will automatically grant you access to a new AOL Mail inbox. The answer, sadly, is no. You can still use it from AIM.com but if you try to use it to sign into the freaking mail on aol.com the website just gets confused and spitting back and forth between the portal home and the sign in page. So if you resurrected an old username but also want to use email you’re going to have to create a new AOL Mail account to do that. Just follow the steps in this post. Luckily, anyone who creates a new AOL Mail account can automatically use that same username and in with no extra registration forms to go through how to create a new AOL Mail account. The process of opening and AOL Mail account is simple but you will need to have a mobile phone number that can receive SMS text messages as well as an alternate email address before you start first go to the homepage@aol.com you’ll see a web portal that looks a lot like Yahoo with news headlines, weather, etc. in the upper right-hand corner, there is an icon that looks like a grid or a set of small tiles click on this icon to open a menu with different tools and services offered by AOL when the moon unfolds one of the top option says free email. If you unsigned and clicking on this will take you to the AOL/AIM registration page. Notice that a messenger is also included in this menu on the sign-up page. All you need to do is fill in your personal information. One field at a time, starting with your first and last name in the second field you will have to pick a username to go with your AOL account. This will be your AOL Mail email address and also your screaming if you using Instant Messenger. The registration form will probably offer you some suggested usernames based on your first and last name. I went ahead and chose the first suggestion they need for me. You are welcome to come up with something completely different, though, as long as no one else is using it. If the room is available, you will see a green checkmark indicating that everything is okay continued by choosing a password to secure your account which has to be 8 to 16 characters some hints for the week strong passwords that are hard to guess or hack are getting off to the side fill in the rest of the required information and pay special attention. When you enter your local member in your alternate email address. It’s very important that both of these I typed correctly because they will be used to verify your account and also to help you recover your password if you ever lose it after all of your data has been entered and you click the submit button. You will be sent a text message to the mobile number you provided. If the SMS fails to send for some reason you’ll get an answer and will have to enter a new phone number and Graham Tate at your new AOL Mail account is all set up and ready to go. You’ll see a screen with all your vital information which you should memorize or store someplace safe getting into your new AOL inbox. Once you click the okay button at the bottom of the thank you screen you will be directed back to the homepage. If you look closely, there is now an envelope icon with a red button indicating there is an unread message. In other words, you got mail click on the mail icon to go to your new AOL inbox here you are, click on the get started button what you see in the background is the AOL Mail portal in your portal you will see a notification of topsail you have one new message. Likewise, in the left sidebar there is a red button with the number one next to inbox click on inbox to check your email and see what the message is unsurprisingly the first email you have received in your newly created AOL account is from the AOL Mail team. You can click on the message to me that if you want, but it’s just a generic welcome email using a chat from AOL Mail. It might feel a little hard to navigate around your inbox at first. Personally, I instinctively move my mouse over to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, looking for the tile icon that we clicked on the homepage trying to find out how to get to them. Chat from AOL Mail. The thing is we aren’t on the homepage anymore clear in our AOL inbox and things are little different in here, it turns out you can send instant messages from your AOL Mail through AIM by going all the way to the bottom of the left sidebar to find it down there. There is an icon that looks like an eight which is the logo for the moon in clicking on this will open up a small message window right in your inbox so you can send a quick IM to one of your contacts if you want to use the full messenger that’s no problem at all first go to AIM.com. You will see a welcome screen and it might look like you’re going to have to sign up all over again. But don’t worry, you don’t just click through a couple of LKS and you’ll be up and running before you knew it. Double check that your name and email address are correct, it should show the alternate email you entered when you signed up for AOL Mail if everything is right click looks good. After that, you’ll just have to click through a screen asking if you wanting to search your contacts in other places Gmail to find buddies for you. You can skip this. Finally, there is a screen designed to help show you where everything is just seconds later you will be looking at the new AIM chat. Lastly, for anyone who recovered their holdings screaming that isn’t attached to AOL Mail. This is how you will access the chat as well through AIM.com. You will be able to use the same full messenger. The only difference is you don’t have an email address to AOL unless you create a new account. According to the instructions given in this post, and that just about covers how to open and AOL Mail for ancient account. If you need more information on what the service has to offer. You can read our previous post all about the new AOL Mail and make sure you don’t miss our next post for a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to sign in and out of AOL and in


How to receive and collect credit cards and transfers in QuickBooks

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Back show you how to collect credit card payments as well as direct bank transfer, which is free, and lastly, I stated that it’s always best to receive a check or cash, but sometimes it’s just not the that convenient lot of places they don’t accept credit cards. They don’t like to pay that 3% merchant services fee or a lot of times they do, they have like a minimum you going to mom-and-pop place $10 minimum 15 $20 minimum. Because every time you swipe that merchant services take the third 3% to be $0.30 $0.50 big transactions could be dollars at the end of the month. That adds up. Long story short, they take three dollars per transaction three is a lot of businesses that cash only. They don’t pay that and it’s easier to hide paying taxes, you could pay a lot less of you except cash you knew that for me.


Steps which are needed to be followed:

  • Let’s get into it back to the situation and I’m just going create a new invoice from the top women sales and invoices right here.
  • Select the customer.
  • We were using a couple of fake customers throughout the last couple of videos, product and service is the bronze package from Moses the full carwash with two layers wax coating free bank transfer present explanatory you put in your bank account number and your routing number and credit cards, tiers or 3% moving to set both of these up with getting set up so just go ahead and click send and save it can send this to this link. Anyways, get set up to take a few minutes.
  • Send and save bottom right, make sure you have the correct email here that is how they are going to get noticed that you did something for them, product or service wise and now you want your money, give me my money now subject this and that online payment yes free bank transfer. It’s good too because couple years ago QuickBooks to charge $0.50 per transfer and that happens and what a couple business days.
  • This happens almost instantaneously. While it’s they front the money to you but it really doesn’t go through for a couple days. It gives you the benefit of the doubt though.


  • Don’t focus on what I just said click on send and close now to take us to here we go invoice finished set up. We do have a bank already set up letters hotdogs this and that was good to go. How much you think you’ll be processing monthly lesson five grand. Yeah, that’s fair to say we are a small business but make sure to be the huge business.
  • Click on next right there. No, fill in all this stuff on FS for the video you can fill out that information can ask for your EI and make sure you have that and that’s can take you this morning. Fast forward again all rights when we get past the first two form to fill out an hour at our bank, add your bank account number.
  • I’m just going to do my Gran the first check in looking at right here on the fast for this part bank account number goes right here routing is right here you take a second or two away for moment way.
  • Look at your info. There’s no easy way to do this. Okay, so I got this right here excited you some of my personal information. It did throwback. I haven’t seen this before because on my real QuickBooks online.
  • I did not use my personal information or fictitious information. This looks a little bit fishy though, but that’s can it once you know that it will verify it and you will be allowed to click on payments.
  • You will have the option to send the credit card invoices. That’s it.

Hope hopefully this article made sense out of the news or not. That’s it. Good luck with this and see as an expert or we talked about receiving payments and handling 50% upfront and 50% cash on delivery.

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How to Create Custom Estimate in QuickBooks


Maxim last year we created an estimate but it looks pretty plain. So what spice it up and let our estimate better represent your brand.


  • So let’s get back into it from the dashboard of the overdue sales.
  • Click on rodeo customers right here on the far right where it says create invoices, go ahead and click on create estimates and will route to do was just have couple want to know about this service or this and that one hour.
  • Get to what would happen with the I button so about that pause for station identification hours one hour $10 this and that.
  • Check out here in the bottom middle click on customize now it’s broken up you go to new style you want to leave without saving surely we need back that doesn’t take that long to type in one hour so is broken up into okay for create estimates that turn heads and open wallets.
  • Content emails and payments will just be called as templates one just like that.


For example, one now there’s a bunch of things you can do so. We got our design or content or emails payments for design is how we wanted to look at her colour a logo. I imagine your company has a couple of colours that represented these colours may be on your logo, your decals, your uniforms, let’s upload an image. I’ve got my old Village Park source logo just like that. I like that the colour is a little bit too bright to go with the darker green. I like that that’s good to go get choosy with your font. Let’s go from Helvetica to Times New Roman and Times New Roman and speculative bigger when in doubt, print out and good in that department.



Let’s content maybe some of the stuff we need some of the stuff we do not need. It’s got three little pencils over here. That means we can edit this information. Maybe you don’t have your phone number on it maybe don’t have your business name for numbers we can on click that sale that’s gone there at County your call emails. This is got so backed content for the site you can get rid of some of the stuff you got a broken on your rate your quantity your amount. If you have a lot of products need an SKU number you can add it in that regard, I want to go back to design and really fast. I want to change the template though I don’t like this. I think friendly is the most professional, click on friendly let’s go with bold now was too much ink will go with modern and I know we can move our logo around the little bit and put that over there estimate middle discount play around that there are no right or wrong emails. This is kind of your stock what to say when it shows up in their email. Here’s your invoice.


No, let’s go from the click on that down to estimate dear about a ruffled number. Please review the estimate below. Feel free to contest. Contact us to give me questions. We look forward to working with you. Thanks for doing. Thanks for your business can be. Right now I am at my coffee and Danes at the subject in here useful name you got a couple more options and that’s kind of just payments is over here being a show bank transfer free. I don’t think you can do PayPal you can you PayPal I like that and we are going to click done and we saved it is template one so if you ever go back to estimates. Let’s go on it apnea so my pin my Internet bill so ready to back to customize again and it should show up template one. There is fraud or another estimate. Soon after, keep re-creating that every single time there’s an estimate or an invoice. Invoices can work the same way if you guys want a tutorial for that. Let me know that is how you create a custom estimate in QuickBooks online.



Amazon Prime customers online shoppers

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SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon Prime members will soon get 10% off some sale items at Whole Foods supermarkets along with discounts on selected popular items. The program launches in Florida Wednesday and will extend nationwide this summer.

To get the deals, Prime members will need to download the Whole Foods app on their phone and input their Amazon login. That will create a code on their phone that the Whole Foods cashier can scan at checkout.

Customers can also link their Prime account to their phone number so that when they shop at Whole Foods they only have to tap in their phone number at checkout, a system common to many grocery store loyalty programs.

The announcement marks the most aggressive stance Amazon has so far taken to integrate the two companies, at least from a consumer perspective, said Bob Hetu, a retail industry analyst with Gartner.

“There have been gradual steps towards integrating Amazon and Whole Foods. But this is a more meaty idea, tying together this idea of providing fresh foods at a good price to Prime members,” he said.


Even if it doesn’t bring in hordes of new shoppers to Whole Foods stores, the system will give Amazon enormous insight into its Whole Foods shoppers, one of the main motivations for supermarkets to keep the programs running.

In general, supermarket loyalty card programs can be an annoyance to stores, and they don’t necessarily save customers money, said David Livingston of DJL Research, a grocery industry market research firm.

“The purpose of the card is to fool the customer into thinking they are getting a good deal. Well, they are, if they only buy the handful of good deals on the card and nothing else,” said David Livingston of DJL Research, a grocery industry market research firm.

On the other hand, the knowledge stores gain about their customers through these loyalty card programs, including where they live and how much they buy, can be very valuable.

“They sell that data to vendors. Such as if a person buys one brand of cola, the competing brand of cola may put an offer on the card to try to get them to switch,” he said.

The Prime member deals will be prominently featured in stores and can also be accessed via the Whole Foods Market app, Amazon said.

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods Market last  August, it has been reducing prices at the stores which, though popular, had long been known by the nickname “Whole Paycheck.”

Amazon wouldn’t say exactly when the program would finish rolling out nationwide, but it’s worth noting that its big shopping event, Prime Day, typically falls in mid-July.

“You would expect us to not disappoint customers on Prime Day,” said Cem Sibay, vice president for Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime phone number 1-888-509-7040 call now

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Amazon prime is a great service that many of you use most of you know if he can get free two-day shipping on most items and with membership you can get access to Amazon prime video for great exclusive shows like Goliath and sneaky Pete. What many people don’t realize is that there are several other benefits that you can take advantage of. If you’re an Amazon prime member. I admit that I was not aware of many of these perks until recently.

So today I will show you 10 Amazon prime benefit that you may not know about or even be using coming up next on tech gumbo is a quick disclaimer before you started this video is not being sponsored by Amazon. Even though Amazon is a popular online shopping destination. Don’t forget to support your locally owned businesses whenever possible.

With that out of the way, the list number one same day and one day delivery in addition to the free two-day shipping options. Amazon offers to its prime members in select areas. You can now get free same-day or one-day shipping on select orders over $35. 50 orders under 35 I members pay only 599 per order a full list. The program terms and details are on the Amazon site number two Kindle owners lending library. Prime members can borrow one book from the Kindle owners lending library for each calendar month. This benefit is not available for all prime members, as it is only available on Kindle e-reader’s fire tablets and fire phones. If you have one of these devices you have access to hundreds of thousands of titles with no due dates, number three, Kindle first, here’s a prime perk that most of you can take advantage of as it only requires that you have the Kindle reading app installed on your device.

It’s not exclusive to devices that are owned by Amazon. The Kindle first program allows prime members to rent one free e-book a month before that books original release date Kindle first is great if you want early access to popular books number four which prime as many of you gamers know which is a popular live streaming video platform which is a subsidiary of Amazon as an Amazon prime member with which prime you can get big savings on games and accessories, which also includes advanced access to lightning deals. Number five prime photos. Many of you are aware that is a prime member that you can get unlimited photo storage in the Amazon cloud.


There is also an option of less expensive photo prints, calendars and even cards delivered to you through photo storage by using Amazon prints number six digital credits. There may be times when you’re not in a rush to have your order delivered to you. I know this sounds crazy, we usually want our purchases as quickly as possible. If you have the patient’s you can select the no rush shipping option and most often you can get credit on your account. In this example, if I choose the free no rush shipping option I can get a five dollars reward for prime pantry is the benefit that offers groceries and other household products in everyday package sizes. If you choose the no rush shipping option. Frequently, those rewards can add up quickly.

Number seven, Amazon prime scorecard as an Amazon prime member. You can also sign up for the Amazon prime scorecard. If approved, you can earn 5% back on anything you purchase from Amazon, not an advocate of running up credit card debt. But if you’re someone who pays off your balance each month can save you a lot of money. Number eight prime music. A lot of you are aware of and are using prime video but some of you may not be aware that Amazon has a music service called prime music that’s included with your membership has about 2 million ad free and on-demand songs. It has curated playlists or you can create your own playlists.


It also offers off-line playback with unlimited skips. It doesn’t have the selection that music services like spot if I ask, but at least you don’t have to spend any extra money. These number nine audible channels audible which is owned by Amazon offers prime members free access to audible channels audible channels has a rotating selection of on-demand podcasts in several categories which include talkshows news company shows and many more.


Another benefit within audible for prime members is the ability to access streaming versions of the audiobooks to access either the audible services you must download the audible app on android and iOS Windows 10 or on your fire device number 10 prime reading. Last but not least is prime reading. It works a lot like Netflix you get unlimited reading of books, magazines and comics in several categories. It also includes books with audible narration. Prime reading is free for prime members with the Kindle app on iOS and android there even more prime benefits that you can take advantage of with Amazon that weren’t mentioned in this video if you know of any perks that were left off this list that you find beneficial. Please let us know in the comments in this video, a thumbs up. If you learn something new and you haven’t done so already. Click on the unsubscribe button for the latest from the world of tech from tectum

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks

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With 6 Months of Email Support learn QuickBooks with our tutorial course learn QuickBooks tips and tricks in our course learn QuickBooks with our tutorial course


These Programs Are So Simple to Use

With the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, you can sit at your own computer and learn at your pace.


You get a complete tutorial workbook that which leads you through the step-by-step process of entering transactions and printing reports for three different companies: Barry’s Gas & Groceries, Stewart’s Bakery, and City Clothing Company. Each company has its own unique needs, while giving you practice in the repetitive steps of accounting.


QuickBooks tips tricks and certification the tutorial provides detailed instructions on the function of each menu item within the QuickBooks program, plus shortcuts and tips on how to work with the software more effectively.


Each chapter contains a brief introduction to that chapter’s purpose, followed by keystrokes that illustrate the completed product. Each section includes photos to demonstrate what the screen looks like within QuickBooks. The Appendix contains a key to each of the reports so that you can see if what you have completed was correct.


Its author, Ken Bostrom, is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has been teaching QuickBooks for years. His simple instructions take you step-by-step through the entire accounting process.


As one of the foremost QuickBooks trainers in the country, he has personally trained over 30,000 users. Peterson’s personal experience of having owned and operated several successful small businesses gives him valuable insight into the specific needs of the QuickBooks user, which he has integrated into his presentations. Mr. Peterson’s pleasant personality, personal real world experience, and understandable explanations make this program both informative and enjoyable.


The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks allows you to skip through topics you aren’t interested in, and allows you to review features you need to understand a little better. This is a fine-tuned presentation that answers the questions you need and explains QuickBooks in a way you can understand. You will learn how to correct mistakes you may have made and how to avoid them in the first place.


the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks is like having your own personal trainer; you watch all the screen movements and cursor selections just as if you were entering the transactions yourself, only you’ll be taken through each step.


Follow-up support?

Learn bookkeeping and QuickBooks with our course at home you will have 6 months of follow-up email support for free. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. There are few questions that are not covered in these two training programs. But if you should run into a problem, we are more than happy to help you.


You are going to be learning on the latest and greatest version QuickBooks Pro. Don’t worry if you have an older version or QuickBooks Basic, Brent will be pointing out the differences. You’ll see how it works in all versions back to 99. If QuickBooks does it, you will learn it.


Over 30 Hours of Instruction

We promise that we have done our best to make it thorough and easy to learn.


Your complete satisfaction is important, so UAC continues to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. (Click here to read guarantee) We don’t know how to make it more risk free than that!


Learn bookkeeping and accounting with our courses Look at what you receive:


100% money-back guarantee

FREE customer and client e-mail support for 6 months

Accounting 101 Review

Over 30 hours of complete and powerful training learn QuickBooks with our tutorial course QuickBooks Specialist™ designation upon completion of course and score of 90 percent or better on online final  exam

30 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in most states

You simply can’t beat what we have to offer!


QuickBooks is a powerful yet user-friendly program that will save you many headaches. Click to order the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks today and we’ll ship it within 24 hours. Whether you are just beginning or you’re an experienced user, we will help you master QuickBooks and put it to work for you now.

Call Now Amazon, Prime, 1-888-509-7040 Amazon prime phone number

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If you are in Amazon prime, you can call the Amazon Customer Service number for free at the following numbers: +1-888-509-7040 … on the Amazon.com home page, select the subject that relates with your problem and at the bottom you will see the contact option for “Phone”,

In its portal we can find several departments that make up its catalog of products, from electronics, music, movies, to objects for the home, the garden, personal care and sports. Apart from the list of items from other sellers, Amazon also has its own products, such as the famous Kindle ebook, which is sold exclusively on Amazon. In addition, he recently entered into the business of cloud computing, as a complement to e-commerce, creating Amazon Web Services.


Since Amazon is mainly a company on the Internet, the main way to contact its customer service, both the buyer and the seller, will be through the respective user accounts created online. In this way, if you are a buyer client accessing your Client area you will find several links that will take you to help topics about the management of your purchases and returns, the occasions in which you must first contact the seller and when you should do it directly. with Amazon.

In addition, on the home page you will find a link to the main help topics. If you still can not find the answer to your question, from your own client account you can contact Amazon customer service, choosing between chat, phone or email. The Customer Service telephone line is: 1-888-509-7040, for general questions, and 1-888-509-7040 for matters related to Kindle.

If you prefer you can request that they call you at the number you indicate. On the contrary, you are a seller and you have registered a merchant account, it will be through it where you can manage all the communication with the Amazon helpdesk. If you are not yet a seller but you are interested in receiving more information about how to sell on Amazon, on the website you will find a form to fill with your data and Amazon will contact you in less than 24 hours

Amazon’s Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number
This is Amazon’s best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a Amazon agent. This phone number is Amazon’s Best Phone Number because 1,820,712 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to 888-280-4331 include Technical and Service Support, Order Issue, Cancel or Change Account, Account Issue, Billing Issue and other customer service issues. The Amazon call center that you call into has employees from Arizona or Washington or North Carolina or India and is open 24 hours, 7 days according to customers. In total, Amazon has 5 phone numbers. It’s not always clear what is the best way to talk to Amazon representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource.
Contacting Amazon – by phone or otherwise
While 888-280-4331 is Amazon’s best toll-free number, there are 11 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other Amazon customers, is by calling their 866-216-1072 phone number for their Customer Service department. Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via 866-216-1072 for Customer Service. If you think this information is inaccurate or know of other ways to contact Amazon please let us know so we can share with other customers. And you can click here if you want to compare all the contact information we’ve gathered for Amazon.